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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2018 www.italoamericano.org L'Italo-Americano 2 E very time of the year has its charms, just as every time of life has its advantages. At the same time, it's also true that our perceptions are influenced by the way we experience reality, just as our mood can affect the day, helping us see the positive side of things even when we wake up late, find all reds on the road, get caught in a sudden storm and everything else seems against us, so much so we'd like to get back home and jump under the duvet again, waiting for a new, better day to start. This is to say that every trip, every experience we make of people and places often depends on our perceptions which, in turn, can often be affected by the moment we have them, by our age, by our personal baggage and also by the season of our existence - and indeed, of the year - in which we are. And so, it may happen to fall madly in love with a place because we see it at twenty and we experience it with the carefree attitude typical of youth, the spring of life. Or we can discover it again when we are older, when having seen more of the world and having met more of its people taught us to understand the deeper meaning of things, their intrinsic value. This summer, which is about to finish and is quickly turning into fall, with school starting and the first light jumpers coming out of the drawer in the evenings when the air gets cooler, still allows us to enjoy the weekend as if it were a natural appendix to our holidays, a necessary and physiological extension of our summer break, just as, on the other hand, we live the coming of Mondays with a longing for the weekend that just ended. Sometimes, summer holidays or the weekend are not even as good as we wanted and it is the working week to give us unexpected and satisfying moments. Still, Mondays' mood is always darker than all the expectations we have on Friday afternoon, when our weekly break is about to begin. This demonstrates once more how all our experiences are conditioned by the way we feel. That is: it is a tad less objective than we believe. Choosing the fall to get to know Italy can truly be a difference- making experience, even from an objective point of view. Observing daily life passing by on the canals, while Venice looses the glitz and Never forget about the charms of fall: you'll discover a different Italy From the director lights of the summer the same way it turns off the Mostra del Cinema's spotlights on the red carpet, can be an extremely fascinating moment. During the rainier, darker days, of course, you won't be dazzled by the water reflecting light around, a reflection transforming each palace resting on the laguna into pure splendor. You'll have however the feeling to be, even physically, one thing with the water, especially if you have to walk around and on bridges in rubber boots to tackle the acqua alta submerging streets and squares. When the tide rises, you'll loose your sense of gravity and you'll feel as if you were in an enormous bathtub, as if you had just woken up and the bed were entirely surrounded by water. As uncomfortable as it may be, it remains a unique experience, where we get in physical contact with the moon's influx. More than anything, you'll find out about the arrogance of Nature which, in Venice, among all those bridges, magnificent palaces, majestic churches filling our eyes, but hiding trees and gardens, seems to be missing, even more so when thinking Venice fought to steal every inch of land from the sea. You won't see Portofino's houses glow, you won't hear the thick and lighthearted chit chat of Capri's piazzetta. Everything will become more intimate, more detached. But it's then you'll truly capture the beauty of where you are. It's then, that you'll feel truly part of those picture-perfect landscapes, not simple guests, but undisturbed masters, owners of the moment. In our imagination, too, a series of standard snapshots about Italy exists: think of the Colosseum or the Leaning Tower of Pisa, invaded by hoards of tourists; think of Pompeii, dotted with smartphones filming every inch of frescoed plaster emerging from those ancient walls; we hear Aida, every time we see the Arena di Verona. But during the fall, when everything seems to go back to normal, you'll look at it all with new eyes. What a surprise, to rediscover the powerful beauty of sea waves rolling in onto the Riviera Romagnola shores, silencing the pounding music of lidos and clubs. What a beautiful feeling, walking by the sea of Jesolo, without being surrounded by umbrellas and deck chairs. And what memorable memories, those made when rediscovering Naples' promenade and breathing in the warming aroma of a good coffee, while munching on roasted chickpeas among the Sassi di Matera or surrendering to your sweet tooth with a warm and delicious pasticciotto salentino, charmed by Lecce's baroque. Discover il Belpaese now. Don't miss the revolutionary feeling of Italy's change of season! Simone Schiavinato, Director NEWS & FEATURES TOP STORIES PEOPLE EVENTS

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