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THURSDAY, JANUARY 15, 2015 www.italoamericano.com L'Italo-Americano 2 nies are another established pres- ence in Italy's second most pop- ulous city, creating many job opportunities. And tourism, of c o u r s e , w i l l b e c o m e o n e o f Milan's most significant assets in the year 2015, when approxi- mately twenty million visitors a r e e x p e c t e d M a y t h r o u g h October during the Expo. Besides building up a monu- mental complex – about 1.1 mil- lion square meters - in the north- western Rho-Pero area of the city, including not only exhibit pavilions but also gardens and canals (Lake Arena), Milan has b e e n p r e p a r i n g t o w e l c o m e tourists and professionals by enhancing its accommodating and transportation facilities, also in collaboration with the neigh- boring regions; completing urban projects like La Darsena quarter and polishing up its architectural landmarks, first of all the Duomo ( c a t h e d r a l ) a n d t h e v i b r a n t Navigli district; and planning a number of engaging entertain- ment initiatives. Among them, the prestigious La Scala Theater will remain open continuously throughout the Expo for the first time in its history. Capitalizing on this occasion, w h e n M i l a n w i l l b e i n t h e world's spotlight for 6 months, s o m e o v e r l o o k e d a r e a s h a v e been upgraded or restyled. New skyscrapers, designed by interna- tionally celebrated architects the likes of Arata Isozaki and Zaha Hadid, museums of contempo- rary art, malls, parking lots, fash- ionable hotels and restaurants featuring Italy's traditional and regional cuisines, have appeared a l l o v e r t h e c i t y , f r o m P o r t a G a r i b a l d i t o P i a z z a l e C a r l o Magno. Mobility has also been improved by opening a few more metro lines to ensure smoother connections with the airport, main centers of interest, and sub- urbs. Dedicated to the topical issues of nutrition and food sustainabil- ity, Expo Milan will involve over 130 participating nations and organizations. If properly man- aged, it could be a unique oppor- tunity not only to revamp the economy of the city – and possi- bly of Italy – but also to give an important contribution to the urgent food debate that affects the whole planet. Ranked #1 must-visit destina- tion in 2015 by the New York Times, Milan has always had a controversial charm. Most peo- ple either love or hate it. It's colder – in all senses – than other Italian cities, and it has to com- pete with Venice, Florence, and Rome in terms of artistic and architectural treasures. Y e t , M i l a n s e e m s t o h a v e something that the others lack, something that's proving essen- tial in this historical moment: the power to evolve and to invest in the future. More than anywhere else in Italy, a modern and international flair places Milan side by side with major European metropolis. And this trend has recently accel- erated, despite the crisis that still lingers on, due to the upcoming Universal Exposition. Since the 1950s, Milan has been the country's economic and financial heart, home to the stock e x c h a n g e a s w e l l a s t o m a i n banks and legal offices. Famous all over the world as a fashion capital along with Paris, New York, and London, thanks to the luxurious shopping district and the Fashion Week events, it is also well known for its high- quality industrial and furniture design industry, hosting annual exhibitions and the largest global Furniture Fair. Automotive, IT and telecommunication compa- Victor Emmanuel Gallery, Milan, Italy Milan named #1 destination in 2015 SILVIA SIMONETTI Milan is famous all over the world as a fashion capital

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