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CVII • N. 19-20 • THURSDAY, MAY 14, 2015 • GIOVEDÌ 14 MAGGIO 2015 FACEBOOK.COM/ITALOAMERICANONEWSPAPER Goldsmith masters in Crotone are artists able to craft precious metals in order to produce objects known worldwide: from gold to silver, pearls, corals, and precious stones italoamericano.org $ 2.25 DATED MATERIAL - DO NOT DELAY T h e a r t a n d t r a d i t i o n o f goldsmithery in Crotone The Greek colonization in South Italy left an immense cul- tural heritage: besides an influ- ence on the language, traditions, and cuisine, there is also a rele- vant trace when it comes to art, in particular on the working of gold. This is particularly true in Crotone, in the Calabria region, where the goldsmith tradition is n o t a s o l d a s t h e c i t y i t s e l f , which was founded in 710 BC, but was inspired by the Greeks, as evidenced by the typical fili- gree and styles of jewelry. Today, Crotone is home to important archaeological sites that have brought to light an artistic treasure of ceramics, bronzes, and precious metals. In the past, gold and silver were very significant to the local peo- ple, who offered them to their g o d s , a s s h o w n b y d i f f e r e n t e x c a v a t i o n s i n t h e Archaeological Park of Capo Colonna. Local residents as well as pilgrims were eager to pay homage to their goddess Hera Lacinia, protector of herds, well- ness, and fertility, and used to offer her the most valuable gifts. Indeed, in the last two decades, a r c h a e o l o g i s t s h a v e f o u n d objects dating back to an age between the 6th and 4th cen- turies B.C., including a winged sphinx, the gorgon, the siren, the B a r c h e t t a N u r a g i c a a n d t h e Diadema Aureo. T h i s p r e s e n c e h a s d e e p l y marked all regions in Southern Italy, with traces in art, architec- ture, decorations, and of course f i n e c r a f t s . T h e g o l d s m i t h ' s work of the masters in Crotone not only reflects the Greek tradi- t i o n , b u t a l s o c o n t a i n s Byzantine, Arabic, and Baroque influences. These cultures have crossed and overlapped over centuries, with a legacy that is replicated today and sometimes also reinterpreted. The world of c o n n e c t i o n s i s e v e n m o r e extended if we consider the folk SERENA PERFETTO The ultimate artisan of luxury travel to Italy Continued on page 2 Continua a pagina 24 BARBARA MINAFRA L'italiano moderno è una lin- gua che si è profondamente tra- sformata nel corso dei secoli e che è nata dall'evoluzione del latino classico parlato nell'anti- chità romana e chiamato volga- re quando cominciò ad essere la Dalla lingua di Dante Alighieri ai pilastri del genoma italiano

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