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L'Italo-Americano THURSDAY, MAY 8, 2014 www.italoamericano.com 2 despair or disillusionment. Simply, I was curious. I wanted to see how things looked on the other side of the world. I was very young, not yet a graduate, and I was willing to explore, to experience, to learn." Lorenzo Thione smiles with satisfaction at the results he has achieved so far, yet he is still eager to push himself further. "Life is made of challenges. When I moved to Palo Alto right after graduating and started to work for Xerox Parc I felt out of place", he recalls. "It seemed to me that the masters I was work- ing with would never consider me, but as time passed I realized that I was learning a lot of new things about myself. And this is the most important challenge, the one against yourself." Also important is never to bail out: "At some point, what makes the difference is being able to seize the opportunity, to under- stand that it won't come again, and to turn it into something unique without any fear of fail- ure", states Bing's inventor. And he firmly believes that Italians are particularly good at that: "The entrepreneurial drive is the creative drive par excellence, allowing to create something out of nothing. We are very creative people, but we need to believe in values and heroes again. This is the only way young generations can regain hope and confidence in themselves." Indeed, besides his main field of interest - that is information technology com- bined with logic analysis of lan- Inventor of the Bing search engine. Born in Como, he made his fortune in Palo Alto. For Lorenzo Thione "the real challenge is against yourself" Continued from page 1 guage - Lorenzo Thione is also fond of theater and a stage per- former on Broadway, which he sees as a natural evolution of his creativity. But what about the fear of fail- ure? "When I started this new adventure, I was afraid that I wouldn't make it. Then I under- stood that there is no reason to be afraid: failure is an important experience, and people who have never had it should not be trust- ed", says the 35-year old entre- preneur. As journalist Roberto Bonzio remarks: "Lorenzo's story is like surfing: the wave that could crush you, must instead push you to go faster and to fly higher." His story is also uncon- ventional, based on a strong pas- sion and humility, both essential – according to Bing's creator – to start a productive dialogue and to move forward in life.

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