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THURSDAY, APRIL 28, 2016 www.italoamericano.org L'Italo-Americano 2 C an you imagine w hen a flow er blooms and the petals open very s low ly until the corolla unfolds, allowing its colors to shine on the bright green color of its stem? That is the feeling we wish to convey to you every time you brow s e throu gh L 'Italo- Americano. "Your" newspaper is blooming, it can feel Spring: its new creative lymph fills the pages as it finds new stories every week to help us get to know our communities , looking for unknown panoramic corners to familiarize you with Italy, w idening contacts and building bridges. It is a positive step in progress, full of energy and vitality. Through you, our readers, and your continuous stimulus that you send us, as well as the constant and growing interest in the work we carry out on paper and online, have become more and more followed. Appreciated and animated by your comments, the newspaper is undergoing a truly energetic season of renewal. We are already working intensively on the summer raffle. You have requested it through your enthusiastic participation in "La Dolce Vita", the winter competition which gave away, among other prizes, holidays in Italy and Italian courses. The Summer Raffle is already taking shape to be in full bloom and on the starting line over the next few months with special and attractive opportunities to discover our cultural heritage. Some prizes in the making are trips and sojourns in our Belpaese, thus giving other fortunate readers of L'Italo-Americano the possibility of experiencing first hand the beauties and the lifestyle of our Peninsula. It is precisely this that we are looking to do with our articles: have you experience the true and authentic Italy of today. We do not want you to receive a postcard from 20 years ago, but rather have you live the pleasure of savoring the veracity of our Italian Let yourself be seduced by the new Spring of L'Italo-Americano From the director roots through articles, photographs and videos that we publish everyday on www.italoamericano.org, as well as on social media. We continue to offer you the authenticity of the present and the guarantee of origin that for products made in Italy goes by the acronym D O C, s omething w hich w e s o often uphold in our newspaper. This is done to defend the quality and the goodness of Italian food from the numerous imitations that are abundant on the market and which we, as proud defenders of our Italian origins, must know how to recognize. It is precisely for this reason that we started new culinary and cultural activities that aim to passionately include you: only by truly knowing Italian food, its history, its ingredients and its recipes, can we really appreciate creating dishes of the old tradition. We deeply care about giving you everything Italian, of which we are messengers. This is possible because the editorial staff at L'Italo-Americano has a strong relationship with Italy. Not only do we have staff that lives in the various regions and brings to the West Coast the aromas of native lands, the typical colors of each area of Italy, the dialectical nuances, the stories of emigration of yesterday and of today that tell us about what Italy really is, from north to south and from the center to the its islands, but we also have many correspondents from various Italian-American communities who proudly tell of today and of the Italian spirits conveyed from California to Canada. Above all, we search and wait for new contributors. Not only is our staff always open to new collaborations, but we encourage you to help by contributing and by telling us about your Italian-American identity: your point of view, the story of the community to which you belong, the way you see Italy, the way you speak or study Italian and your desire to not lose the heritage which sums up your story and that of your family - all this is extremely precious to L'Italo-Americano. This is true because the newspaper's desire is to gather and make our existence known to two continents by participating in a current cultural dialogue that has not been exhausted by the cardboard suitcases of the early 19th century, but rather it is a story in progress that views us as protagonists. Simone Schiavinato, Director NEWS & FEATURES TOP STORIES PEOPLE EVENTS

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