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THURSDAY, MAY 2, 2019 www.italoamericano.org L'Italo-Americano 2 W hat happens when you pick up a photo album or quickly scroll through the shots stored on your smartphone? Obviously, you see faces, places, landscapes. Certainly, some will stimulate your attention more than others. If you show the same gallery to your partner, to a relative or a friend, they may be struck by details you missed or that you did not consider so important. Perhaps their questions about an image led you to go back, to look better, to think about it. Every event we "freeze" in a photograph carries additional meanings within, non-blatant emotions, thoughts and feelings invisible to most but not to us: we continue to focus on that detail, that look, that background that brought to mind something that wasn't even in the picture to begin with. Well, a newspaper like ours, like yours, works exactly the same way. L'Italo-Americano is a very long collection of photographs portraying faraway places, left behind when you got on the plane, dreamed of by those who can't wait to come back or go and discover them. Here you'll find the faces of a multiform, dynamic and constantly evolving community, full of stories related to the past, but interwoven with the present; stories of people who live, study, work and raise a family on the West Coast while having a bond with the Italian peninsula. There are personal, family and neighborhood memories. Some linked to the old Little Italys, some part of the multiethnic, multicultural and globalized mix typical of today's world and cities, yet somehow anchored to what each considers and defines "Italian." There are tales of yesterday and dreams of tomorrow, historical memories, social events that fill the weekly agenda, or are unmissable appointments during the year, projects that sooner or later will become concrete. There are recipes and ingredients, inherited flavors and aromas to be handed down, just like we do with words, with proverbs and dialects. Each one of us, reading L' Italo-Americano or browsing through it, does not simply find the described places, the personal experiences and professional careers of many. We see something that others do not see: memories of a holiday, memories that bring to mind the words of a grandfather, jobs that recall the life of a father, flavors and aromas of what was eaten on Sunday at a What L'Italo-Americano gives you and why we chose the "Unknown Sicily Raffle" From the director grandmother's house, emotions that suddenly emerge from a photo of the market where we used to go with our mother, or of the park where we once played with our siblings, of magnificent adventures with friends. There is more. L'Italo-Americano offers to every reader a different experience. This is what newspapers are for or, to say it better, our/your L'Italo- Americano gives you this added value, one that many other publications don't have. Not the type of news you'll forget as quickly as you read them, not the latest controversy inflaming current debates, not a product to buy. Here, you'll find a slower type of reading that gives you time to imagine, to dream, to find a memory, to create emotions, curiosity, interests. And above all, that forms an even stronger desire to get to know Italy, Italians, Italian-Americans and the community we belong to even more. All this, let's not hide it, depends on the survival of newspapers like L'Italo-Americano. It is to this that our "Unknown Sicily Raffle" is tied, because even the smallest contribution for continuity of this historical newspaper is fundamental. But it is also tied to your very requests. During and after each raffle you sent us messages to testify not only the hope of winning the beautiful prizes up for grabs, but to let us known you found our initiatives captivating, our proposals more and more attractive. And our latest raffle goes a step further. It offers even more because we always strive to better ourselves, just as in every edition we strive to surprise and intrigue you with increasingly interesting stories and locations to explore. This time, with just $ 12 you can win a vacation worth 10.000! You read that well, yes: 8 days in Sicily for two people, flight and stay, of course, but also guided tours, museum and transport admissions, guides and even sommeliers (in English) included. In addition, for those wishing to make this trip with other family or friends, we provide the — discounted — opportunity for another six (!) people to travel with the winners. But there are also discounts on raffle tickets: $ 25 for 3 tickets, $ 50 for 8 tickets, $ 100 for $ 20, $ 200 for 50 chances to win "Unknown Sicily." All the details, destinations, travel offers and other prizes can be found in our website, on www.italoamericano.org or on https:// italoamericano.rallyup.com/unknownsicily. We remind you that L' Italo-Americano is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization whose survival depends on your subscriptions and your generosity. Support us! Help L'Italo-Americano to carry on a mission started 111 years ago to preserve and promote Italian culture and heritage on the West Coast and… In Bocca al Lupo! Simone Schiavinato, Director NEWS & FEATURES TOP STORIES PEOPLE EVENTS

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